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Author Topic: Hello from a very old member :D  (Read 6664 times)


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Hello from a very old member :D
« on: November 28, 2015, 09:44:22 AM »
Hello girls, you cannot imagine how happy i was to find YO!Project forum still online... I was desperately looking for a song I sang long time ago since I lost most of them with the passing of time and lots of PC formats XD

I want to say hello to Liana and JKO specially since I remember they two were the ones leading the forum. I passed very good times here in 2008-2009 and i still listen to the songs mixed here in my car after 7 years :3

I send you a huge kiss to all the girls of the forum!

Mixing Jinjisukan: 0%
Mixing Midara: 0% (note for self: LUTHIEN MIX THIS NOW!)
Mixing TUP Stuff: 10%
Parts needed: Dunno
I owe: Maybe you? Tell me

NEWS: If i miss any deadline or im absent is because I'm studying for my exams in July. GOMEN NE!


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