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Author Topic: Movie Musicals; Into the Woods & The Last 5 Years  (Read 800 times)

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Movie Musicals; Into the Woods & The Last 5 Years
« on: February 17, 2015, 09:03:50 PM »
Since I know there USED to be a lot of Broadway geeks here... We've had 2 movie musicals come out within the last couple months, so I figured I would post and see how long before someone else responds (hah!)

Into the Woods
I've never been a huge fan of the musical, but wow, was the movie done well. Casting was great. Effects were great. Who knew some of these people could actually sing?! I honestly was getting bored halfway through, but I continued listening to all the songs days after I saw the movie. Anna Kendrick has a gorgeous voice... and she's usually hit or miss for me. I really loved her as Cinderella, though. And Emily Blunt... I was highly impressed by her. Chris Pine was hilarious as Cinderella's Prince (that hair! those pants!). Agony was perfect.  Still not a fan of the musical, though. Haha...

The Last 5 Years
Granted, I have yet to watch this (it's downloading my rental! it's not playing in theaters here in Hawaii...), but I'm listening to the soundtrack, and I must say that Anna Kendrick is a complete miss for me so far... This is one of my dream roles to play, and I do not think she did most of the songs justice. The first few songs should be super angry, sad, upset, etc, but she just sounds like she's...reading the lyrics and singing to the tune. Jeremy Jordan, however... wow! I may like him over the original of Norbert Leo Butz (also did Fiyero in Wicked). May change when I watch the movie in the next few hours...

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