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Author Topic: [OPEN] Male & Female Auditions - 10th Generation HPD (Hana Project Dubs)  (Read 1501 times)


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YIPYIPYIP! It's that time again! It seems like it's been forever, but Hana Project is finally opening our doors to auditions for a new generation of members. This year, we're accepting auditons for both male and female members to join the project. Female members will participate in regular HPD groups, while male auditionees will be auditioning for a spot in our all-male subgroup, Aoki.

We are also always accepting auditions for mixers and animators who are able and willing to help us out! So if that's you, shoot us a PM and let us know!

? ...an adaptable, flexible voice with strong vocal foundations...
? ...the ability to take and improve from critique...
? ...energy and enthusiasm for anything thrown at them...
? ...responsibility and timeliness in turning in all lines asked of them...
? ...flawless communication for when deadlines absolutely MUST be broken...
? ...a fun-loving personality and doesn't take things too seriously. We need you to be serious about doing what's asked of you, but if you get regularly tied up on casting or feel like everything is a competition, you won't last long...
? ...a desire to join a diverse, fun-loving group of girls and become part of our little online "family"!


If so, then come on over here and show us what you've got! There are just A FEW SIMPLE RULES to auditioning:

? You must SING at least 1:30 worth of any Japanese song. You won't be counted out for having 10-15 seconds of instrumental in your audition, but make sure you are singing for 90% of the time. We want to hear you, not the music!
? Your audition MUST be submitted by YouTube video response. Unless there are extenuating circumstances that provide you with a reason why you can't do this, we will not budge on this. It makes it easier for us to review your auditions this way!
? Your audition MUST be set to music. No a cappella, it's much harder to hear pitch that way. (Just make sure you don't make the music so loud we can't hear YOU!)
? You can only submit ONE audition. If you wish to audition with multiple songs, put them in the same video, but don't make us sit there for forever (well-chosen, short medlies are good for this!). Once you have submitted your audition, you CANNOT retract it or change the song. This is simply for our own convenience/ease.
? You MUST fill out the following form and submit it in a YouTube comment on this video:

? Name/Alias: What do you go by?
? YT Account: Where can we find you?
? Age: How old are you?
? Location: Be as broad with this as you like, we are just curious!
? Audition Song: Remember that you can't change this once you've submitted your audition!
? Why do you want to join?: Just be honest!

If you fail to follow ANY of these directions, your audition will be thrown out. Likewise, if you fail to read the rules and ask a question answered here already, you will NOT be answered. This isn't to be mean, but we're not asking that much of you to read and follow the rules! Those who have issues following directions the first time don't last long here anyway. :)

Auditions are judged and voted upon by a panel of judges, composed of the admins, leaders, captains and main mixers:
? Sayuri...... Co-Founder/Producer [ kapparinrinrin ] - Gen 1
? Kanna...... Admin [ tokidokihaato ] - Gen 2
? Aoi...... Admin [ chocolateblakberri ] - Gen 3
? Higanbana...... Admin [ rennabunny ] - Gen 6

? Mizuki...... Leader [ lainfett ] - Gen 3
? Suitopi........ Leader [ ik0nva ] - Gen 8
? Momo...... Leader [ fantasykingdom1227 ] - Gen 5

? Tanpopo...... Captain [ yakijuri ] - Gen 5
? Nashi...... Captain [ lilmenchi ] - Gen 6
? Bijozakura...... Captain [ littoaznmonkey ] - Gen 8
? Suzuran...... Captain [ xozoeymonxx ] - Gen 9
? Kogiku...... Captain [ xosukichan ] - Gen 9

? Sakuraso...... Main Mixer [ suchidesuru ] - Gen 7

THE DEADLINE FOR ROUND 1 WILL CLOSE ON JULY 13TH. RESULTS OF ROUND 2 QUALIFIERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. Round 2 will take place on the forums and additional information will be sent to those who pass.

Best of luck to everyone, we can't wait to hear your auditions!


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