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Author Topic: [ FOR J-MELO ] [ CLOSED ] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Furisodeshon Chorus CAMERA REQUIRED!  (Read 1425 times)


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Bonjour minna-san~! ^^/

Sorry if I confused you with my expert use of two different languages.


Ok ANYWAYS: I will be holding SIGN-UPS for a big chorus of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's popular song Furisodeshon ????????! TBasically the final product will be a video PV singing to your lines and will then be uploaded to J-MELO. I will be doing the mixing, editing, etc. All I need are your pretty voices!! No vocal audition is required HOWEVER here are the SIGN UP REQUIREMENTS:

  • A short video of yourself doing ANYTHING. You can sing (although no microphone is required for the final video), you can dance, you can talk, or you can stare at the camera for 10 seconds. There is really no time limit as long as it isn't like 2 seconds long. This is to see the quality of your video, making sure it isn't all blurry or glitchy. If you really wanna impress me, do something energetic.
  • As for the song itself, make sure you have a good microphone quality, if you know you don't then please do not sign up and give me muffled, hard to hear lines.
  • PLEASE try and turn in your things all at one time. Or else I lose things. And I lose things quite frequently if you've worked with me.

I mean that's basically it. There is no way that you CAN'T get in this, honestly. Only if you have a terrible mic or terrible video quality or are totally boring.

If you are unable to link me your videos here, SEND TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS: miyochan8@gmail.com
You can upload your short video through Youtube or Dailymotion or any familiar video sharing website you are comfortable with. Send me the LINK to your video. I will not be downloading anything from sign ups. I will only be downloading the videos sent in for the final product.

See, easy! I really hope I can get a lot of people! It will be really fun! PLEASE FILL OUT EACH AREA OF THIS SIGN UP FORM!:

Stage name:
Youtube username:
How can I contact you? (What is best? Youtube, email, Facebook, etc.):
Vocal range(low, medium, high, etc):

If you do not have a YoPro account, please let me know as soon as you can and send me your form via Facebook, Youtube, Skype, etc.

That's about it! You HAVE to be active and aware of the deadline. Tell your friends! I want to do more like these in the future! Good luck!


Now I'm gonna go spam people ~ bai! :3


Lily: AwakaCHU
Hanii: itshanni3
Zoey: XoZoeymonxx
Yumi: SugoiiYumiChan
Jess: JessxMichiyo
Ai: Aichuuchuutrain
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Stage name: Lily

Youtube username: AwakaCHU

How can I contact you? (What is best? Youtube, email, Facebook, etc.):
Skype allison.sobek
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lilychuuuu

Acknowledge that you will be required to send in your vocals AND video on time later on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5ETU-HsXkU (I'm the long haired one with braids)

Vocal range: Mezzo-Soprano or Soprano


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Stage name: Hanii
Youtube username: itshanni3
How can I contact you? (What is best? Youtube, email, Facebook, etc.): FB \O/
Video/Picture: You've seen my channel. OwO
Vocal range(low, medium, high, etc): All. I can go really low and really high :D


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