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Author Topic: [CANCELLED] Nakatsu's 3rd Anniversary  (Read 904 times)


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[CANCELLED] Nakatsu's 3rd Anniversary
« on: March 19, 2013, 02:12:12 AM »
I cannot stress how much I need active people.
WHOOT!! I finally pinpointed the date *coughcoughmonthcough* of my Dubbing anniversary! Whoot!! Looks like I've been dubbing for 2 years going on three... o.o I woulda never guessed... O.O
Anyway... I've decided to go with singing a few of my favourite songs with my lovelies. ^^
(Favourite songs being one's that aren't so common but I still adore to death.)
~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~
1. When the Moon's Reaching Out Stars by Kawamura Yumi:
2. DISCOTHEQUE by Nana Mizuki:
3. Snowstorm by Kugimiya Rie:
4. Watashi ni Kureta Mono -Shalalala by The Kapucchu:
5. Risky Game by vipTenchou:
6. Kaze no Fuku Basho by Makiyo:
7. Heaven -Dual Mix- (Stellar) by Shihoko Hirata:
8. Shinkirou Romance by GAM:
9. Sakura Nagashi by Utada Hikaru:
10. 1000 Words by Jade:
11. PAPARAZZI by Girls' Generation:
12. Chocolate by Chocolove from AKB48:
13. Brainstorming by Morning Musume
~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~
RULES! (Totally stollen from Sabinatrolololol)

1. You have to be able to hand in your lines. Period.
Deadlines for each song will be different, there should be no reason for 'no time'. The lyrics will be posted, and as usual, you will be given a 2-3 week deadline countdown. If you are unable to do it within that time, do not sign up or ask for an exstention. Please, avoid asking me for an exstention 2 days or a week before the deadline. You're going to be responsible for taking care of your priorities. If you think the song is hard, don't leave it hanging. Get it over with as soon as possible.
2. Be satisfied with the lines I give you.
I'll be color-coding all of the songs and will be coding it according to the vocal sample/samples you give me when auditioning. If you have a specific vocal sample for a specific song that you audition for, don't forget to link that too; because I don't want people to be a diva and record their lines half-assed because "they're not satisfied" or "they don't fit me".
3. My standard mixing rules applies. (Teehee.)
Despite the 'teehee', I've gotten used to mixing files that are seperated and it's much easier. So if it's a song like Paparazzi, I'm going to ask you to seperate the group lines, solos and overlaps. It's a lot easier on me and it'll sound a lot easier on the ears for you when the dub is finished. If you don't understand what something means, ask me. Don't leave it and do as you please and do it wrong. Better ask and get it right. AND THE NAMES, OH THE NAMES OF THE FILES. I WILL PREACH. Please, please pleaaaase don't just name a file "Paparazzi" or "Nakatsu", it makes me want to pull my hair out because I spend 5 minutes looking for the lines, person and what kind of lines. So please: NAME, NAME OF SONG, FILE SORT (solo/group/etc).
4. Please audition for songs you don't know/not familiar with but you like.
Since these songs are really breaking away from my usual and the usual that I see on Dubbers, I'd really appreciate it if everyone contributed for this anniversary. I love each and every song (To the point that they are kind of my most listened to songs...) and not all of them are idol songs or Kpop or H!P! But I really wanna sing these with other people. They tug at mah pitch black heart.
~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~
Audition Form!!
Stage name:YouTube:Activity: (5-10 the TRUTH.)
Songs you audition for/want to take part in: (no limit, remember the rules though!)
Vocal range: (low-medium/bass-falsetto ; you choose how you write it, I just wanna know how conscious you are of your own voice)
Audition video: (post as many as you want, as long as they show your skills for each song you audition for. Oh yeah. LINK. I WILL NOT LOOK TWICE IF YOU DO NOT LINK. DON'T HALF ASS ME! D:)
Preferred colors: (# codes please, at least 3-5 of them: www.colorhexa.com/color.php))
Can you harmonize?: (You can state if there's a certain song you can do it in)
Are you willing to help mix? (Sample? LINK.)
~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~

Lyric Link: [TO BE EDITED]

Line drop off: [TO BE EDITED]
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