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Author Topic: I bastardize my art by making it digital! Tablet/Oekaki/Photomanip/etc  (Read 7484 times)


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Re: I bastardize my art by making it digital! Tablet/Oekaki/Photomanip/etc
« Reply #30 on: February 15, 2011, 10:19:18 AM »
No, I totally appreciate it! I did do it manually with masking. Is refine edge on CS4 too? It's something I probably SHOULD know, but I very much didn't read the book beyond anything I had to get down for each assignment out of self defense and scheduling masochism xD

The hierarchy was more of a storyline...like rioting, and then people in love. It worked better initially, I had a violent image as the top half- and then two people in the center hugging in front of a line of riot guards with the copy in the center. So I tried to keep the same violent / love and make them still visible next to the guard. I didn't even realize the lines were so STRAIGHT until the very end, blah!

Those are some pretty intense vectors! Those lines would drive me crazy. Did they give you a box template, or did you have to work that out yourself? Those type of patterns are not my strong point XD
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Re: I bastardize my art by making it digital! Tablet/Oekaki/Photomanip/etc
« Reply #31 on: February 15, 2011, 10:26:08 AM »
No, I think it's a new thing in CS5. Our CS5 training is supposed to be each of us learning one of the brand new features and then teaching it to the class. Basically, though, you can make a rough selection around a person and then go to Select > Refine Edge... and there's a brush that you run over the hair and stuff and it KNOWS what to take out. Then you adjust the feathering to make the edges blurry/neat and it looks. so. legit. You can also adjust a bar for decontaminating the color, so like if your person was on a red background and thus the edges had a red glow, you can change that up and make it natural. Fucking. I can't even. It's amazing.

Oh yeah, that makes more sense. And yeah, things seem to look SO much different the second you print them or show them to the professor >_> I have been there.

Oh no way in hell I could have made up the box template myself, I am mathematically retarded, being why in Portfolio I'm having to do packaging design--never tried it before because it terrifies me. I'm worried though because it's a BIT too big for my deck of cards (the deck of cards was like, a previous project I'm now expanding the campaign on, so I can't really buy a diff set of cards) and now I have to recalculate exactly how to size it down. I'm going to die.

The vectors were actually originally really sweet Photoshop vector brushes, so I can't totally claim credit for making them up, but since everything rasterizes when it comes out of PS, I got it into InDesign for the packaging layout and had to re-create them, which DID drive me up a fucking wall. Never again.


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Re: I bastardize my art by making it digital! Tablet/Oekaki/Photomanip/etc
« Reply #32 on: April 06, 2011, 12:29:19 AM »
Yeah, so I got bored and decided to play around on a oekaki board.  Started out with something COMPLETELY different, ended up not liking it, edited it, and here's what came out:

lol. I'm better when I have an actual pencil-like object instead of just a mouse. Trust me XP


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