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Author Topic: Links! Learn to be crafty like a fox!  (Read 1927 times)


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Links! Learn to be crafty like a fox!
« on: July 26, 2008, 11:41:49 AM »
Know a great Dr. Who knitting class? A super online shop of uniqueness? Link 'em!


Supply stores:
firemountaingems.com: Supply store AND home of free bead patterns and tutorial videos. This actually came recommended to me, haven't used, but she was a power seller.

Finished product shops:
Etsy.com - Brilliance! Buy and sell homemade amazing everything. Collection of shops, EBay style. LOVE IT.
kid-pirate.com - Super crafty genius turned screen printing maven, check it!
tealeaf sales on livejournal - Adorable girl makes adorable things! You can request custom/remade orders, and she's pretty speedy and very sweet.

Give me links, give me links, give me lllliiinks! I'm slowly building the shops I know, feel free to contribute.
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LINES I need:
Joel: NYN, Farrah: MUYM
Lines I owe: YOMUSU (I forgot! Not forever!)


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Re: Links! Learn to be crafty like a fox!
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2008, 12:36:57 PM »
Hey this post! I'm finally getting around to sharing the contents of my Knit/Crochet section in bookmarks. WOO! :D Feel free to add to your post, Kiki, or not. XD I am so confused what is this thing you call organization.

As far as supply stores happen, Patternworks owns my yarn-loving soul. I used to hang out with this online store Yarnware, but that's since folded, and s Patternworks is my new house. XD They can be a little on the pricey side, though, but the brands they carry are always A++, so it helps me to feel confident in a way that's hard when buying stuff like yarn over the internet when I'm not physically there to check for softness and stuff.

For people who sell finished things, there's the chick who runs  Geek Central(and provides patterns to her basic designs on  her blog). I found her on Ravelry (Myspace/LJ for yarn nerds!), and her skill with Amigurumi dolls knocks me out every time. Especially because I suck at stuff like gauge and making anything look the way it's supposed to. xD

Tutorials! Worldknit has saved my life on many an occasion by explaining basic and not-so-basic things. Likewise, I found The Knitting Fiend during a google search desperately trying to figure out what a pattern wanted me to do when it told me to "increase" a row -- her tutorials take the time to explain a lot of the stuff everyone is assumed to already know. If you're more visual than that, KnittingHelp provides video tutorials!

Patterns! Crochet Me is a good place for people who aren't ready to make the jump into yarning with two needles yet. XD There's a kitty hat there that I SWEAR I will someday find the time to try... Then there's Atypically.Knit, for making pretty much *anything* from Harry Potter. Her scarf pattern is what inspired me to hang out with yarn in the first place. ;-; Good times~ The patterns at Purlescence are always crazy whimsical and impressive -- like the Cheshire Cat sock where the pattern disappears based on the angle you're viewing it. And though it's a manufacturer, Lion Brand offers a TON of free patterns to anyone who signs up for its newsletter thingy. Knitting Pattern Central is basically a linkdump directory with just straight up links to random free patterns online. A bunch of dead links because there's not a whole lot of cleanup that happens, but it's still nice to see SOME attempt at organization when choosing a project.

Community! There are two different communities on LJ for fandom knitting (one and two), and while there's a lot of crossposting going on between them, its's fun for me to see what everyone's come up with. I can't link Ravelry enough, because it's still fucking amazing and the people there do things I haven't seen anywhere else on the internet.


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