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Karaoke / [Voc/Mix Critique] Like a Nuclear Meltdown
« on: May 19, 2011, 07:17:31 PM »
Hiii there!! Haven't released anything for the past month so we have this!
Hopefully it was a good release! I thought it was a good release but you never know what others might think. :X
So I'm kinda nervous about that... >,<

Would appreciate critiquing on all aspects of this dub. :)
Help us improve ya? :D Thank you!! Greatly appreciate it!

Meltdown originally by Kagamine Rin

Karaoke / [Vocal & Mix] love is RUNAWAY TRAIN (APD Debut)
« on: April 17, 2011, 04:36:28 AM »
Please check them out :)
We would appreciate if anyone could help us, at what we need to improve on..
since yea..this project is quite new?

Enjoy :)

RUNAWAY TRAIN originally by Buono!

Please check out our blog also

It updates about HanaPro,IKP,Kpopcollabs,LolliPro, and many more :))

Audition Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbWBiiU79ZA
APD Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AisuPopDubs

From the members of ACg and the leader of LolliProjectDubz comes "APD (Aisu Pop Dubs)", just another fandubbing group. :D

So what makes APD special?
a) Online chat schedules to meet and chat with the members for better communication! :D
b) APD Central
c) A laid back group. No rushing. We give you time.
d) A place where you can talk to everyone as a friend and as a family.
e) Active leaders (online on the cbox for at least 3 - 7 hours a day) so you can have someone to talk to when you're bored.

We don't really want to focus on rapid fandub uploads (recording deadlines will be set weeks/months apart so both sides---recorders and mixers---have time) though we DO want the members to be active. We will also be scheduling "chat meetings" on the APD cbox for online/active discussions on singles as well as just for the heck of meeting each other and having fun inside the Aisu Family. Thus the reason why we ask "which country you live in" for timezone purposes.

2/12/11 = APD Auditions will close at February 11, 2011. Hand in your auditions soon! :]]
2/7/11 = 1 new audition added! YES FOR VOCALOID! xD We needed more vocaloid auditionees.. :DD
2/5/11 = 4 new auditions added! Half of them dont have audition videos yet though! Please do post up your audition videos ASAP! x]
2/3/11 = 2 new auditions added! One of them doesn't have an audition video yet tho... :( Will be looking forward to more auditions!! ^^
1/30/11 = So we opened a blog solely for fandubbing updates on ANY group that's been fandubbing for some time! Like MilkyStar, YTChorus, etc.. :D http://apdcentral.wordpressRules:
1. Have fun.
2. Record lines in MP3.
3. Clear Microphone, correct pronunciation and energy + be an active bunny.

To Audition:
1. Set audition video as a video response.
2. PM your audition.
3. E-mail your audition to aisupopdubs@yahoo.com

1. Stage Name: [stage name]
2. Country: [the country where you live in]
3. Dubs: [artists you like to cover songs from]
4. Can you audio/PV mix?: [Yes or No / Yes or No]
5. Audition: [your audition song]

*Note: The Hello! Project and Vocaloid Chorus groups haven't been named yet. Names of both groups will be decided after the audition ends. The link to the forums will be PM'd to the winners.

Audition Deadline: February 18, 2011 (Final)

=+= Auditions Received =+=
* incomplete audition (no form or no audition song)



APDC (APD Central)

APD also hosts an APDC (APD Central) blog for updates on (currently) 12 fandubbing groups on youtube namely;
a) Aisu Pop Dubs (APD)
b) AC?g (Aisu Cream ? group)
c) Lolli Project Dubs
d) YT Chorus
e) Yo Project
f) Hana Project Dubs
g) Iro Kokoro Project
h) Hello Project All Stars
i) KCJ Entertainment
j) Totally Up Project
k) MilkyStar
l) DUBattle Royale (a contest)

We will also be posting up YoPro's Yoricon Monthly & Weekly Top 10 as well. Hopefully YoPro will allow us to do so. :] Adding up to what will be on the blog; releases, contests, comebacks, auditions, critiques and so much more will also be updated. We also welcome other fandubbing groups who would like us to include them on the blog's updates. Simply go to the blog's "Contact Us" page and we'll see about it. Gradually, our list of fandubbing groups will increases depending on the time and crew members we have. :D

-APD Crew

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